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Tubu nomads on their camels in Ennedi, Chad, Thomas Cytrynowicz




A vast country completely under the radar, Chad offers amazing riches for the adventurous soul. With our charismatic local guides, we will join a nomadic clan on their fantastic migration across the Sahel. This semi-desertic region will open its secrets to us as we travel from oasis to oasis to discover an ancestral culture and its peculiar rituals.

Learn how to tame camels, bring the herd to drink to giant wells and sleep under the stars while witnessing the great beauty of the desert.


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A young Tubu makes a hand sign in Chad, Thomas Cytrynowicz
A young Tubu nomad riding his camel in sunset, Chad, Thomas Cytrynowicz
Tubu nomads gather around the fire at night to tell stories, Chad, Thomas Cytrynowicz
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