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This FAQ answers most common questions regarding our expeditions.

  • All are welcome on our trips. From the confirmed amateurs to the newcomer who only photographs with a cellphone, there is something for everyone. Photography is first and a foremost a tool to get to far away places, connect with fellow human beings, and take in the great beauty of our planet.

    If you’re willing to push your skills further though, that’s definitely the right place!

  • The photography gear carried with you during the trip will be your personal one. 


    We will cover a variety of situations. Be prepared to shoot portraits, events and landscapes alike.  Here are some ideas : prime lens (50mm, 85mm), zoom lens (24-70, 70-200), wide lens (16-35). But any camera and lens will do. Do not forget to bring a laptop for our editing sessions and enough batteries and memory cards for our nights in camp.

  • We will send you a more detailed handbook before leaving, including recommended reading and clothing.

  • If you would like to get an in-depth knowledge of the valley or specific photography tips ahead of our trip, you can request a paid training session with our Expedition Leader. Send us an email to enquire.

  • As stated in our About page, giving back to our host communities is of paramount importance to us. With our background in humanitarian and development affairs, we are particularly careful with the impact we have as guests. On top of paying our hosts for their hospitality, we ensure to provide financial support to local initiatives. Find out more on each expedition’s page.

  • Unexpected things happen, and you can of course cancel your booking, though the non-refundable deposit is indeed… non-refundable, unless we find a replacement in time. Please read our Terms & Conditions for more information.

  • Once you pay your deposit, we will schedule a call to go over the specific details of visa and international travel. It’s a good time to ask any question you might have.

  • You are in charge of getting your own travel and/or cancellation insurance. We recommend selecting a policy that includes emergency evacuation in case of trouble, as we will be off-the-beaten tracks for most of our journey.

  • Please check with your doctor if you require vaccination for your chosen expedition.

  • We will be traveling with a standard medkit and various medicines. We recommend you bring one as well, especially if you have any specific medical need.


    Some expeditions may require special attention, such as the Spiti Valley Expedition due to the high altitudes we will be traveling at. Check the expedition page for a detailed answer.

  • Either cooked by our embedded cook,host families, or selected hotels, food will be fresh, diverse and plentiful, but also local. This is your chance to dive in the culinary specificities of our destinations. Please inform us of any specific diet ahead of our trip so we can plan accordingly. Some destinations require a level of flexibility.

  • We travel on private jeeps or similar and professional drivers at all times.

  • Throughout our trip, we will be accompanied by at least one local translator who will communicate in a language that you are comfortable with. More than a translator, they are local assets who know the area well and have many stories to share. Make the best of it!

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