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In the last decades, Iran has suffered from having become the West’s worst enemy. Conflict with the USA has built up again in recent years as tensions rose on matters of nuclear power, leaving a people amidst a worsening economic crisis, cut off from most of external trade.


Despite a less than ideal geopolitical climate, Iran enjoys one of the region’s richest culture and history, dating back millennia. One has heard of the treasures of Isfahan and archeological wonders of Shiraz, the riches of Persian gastronomy and arts, the beauty of the language and much more.


But beyond the great Persian cities lies a vast and still untamed nature, the sacred lands of the ancestral nomads of Iran, still made up of tens of thousands of families split across different ethnicities, among them the Bakhtiari.


Welcomed by our trusted nomadic friends, we join families on their epic migration across the Zagros mountains to take part in a century-old way of life in communion with the natural world.


Walking at the pace of the animals, we travel under the sign of strong community ties and humbling environmental realities, learn about ancestral secrets, and make life-long friendships.

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